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MoodKids is a brand new programme broadcast on YouTube (MoodKids TV). Launched at the initiative of the parent company, WDK Groupe Partner, this show revolves around the world of games and toys. The guests will have very different profiles: professional sportsmen and women, directors, designers, but also influencers and game authors. What do they have in common? They are all still big kids!


For its second show, the MoodKids team welcomed Jeff Panacloc and his faithful sidekick Jean-Marc. The guests played a memorable game of “Hop là Banana” (Goliath) and “Ta mère en Slip” (Topi Games). True to his character, Jean-Marc has no tongue in cheek and delivers one hilarious line after another!


The guests of the first show were Vincent Pourchot, the tallest man in France who has 1.4 million fans on TikTok, and Jayson Tchicamboud, vice-world champion with the French U19 team in 2021. To see it (again) go here!


Would you like your games to appear on the show? Please contact us!

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