Widyka board games

All about bringing the family together for fun!

WDK Groupe Partner has its own line of board games under the banner: Widyka.

Designed by our teams or developed with creators, our range aims to bring the whole family together around fun, fast, addictive games. For players aged 4 to 99. The rules are simple and adaptable; the games are suitable for children, parents and even grandparents alike!

Widyka aims to develop 2 games per year in order to satisfy consumer demand. Widyka takes part in trade fairs and shows across France and in Germany! We have a strong presence on social networking sites to get closer to our consumers and to have fun together!

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Get rid of your cards and try to have a total of 9 or less to shout "Nine" before the others!

Las Thunas

Play a gold prospector, hire your team and send them on an expedition. Who will put together the best team of adventurers?

On s’fait un Panacloc

A game of cards based on zesty lines from the repertory of Jean-Marc, ventriloquist Jeff Panacloc’s celebrated sidekick. 100% politically incorrect

Les Pattes à Pouf

The owners are out. The way is clear to try to snuggle down in the cosy Poof in the Lounge. Who will reach it and reign supreme?


Look hard and find an identical Mask among the totems on the table, before the others do. You can win a whole totem, but you could also lose yours.


All the animals have hidden in the savannah! Can you find the animal designated by the "Challenge" card before the others?

Triplett’ & Cacahouèt’

Triplett’ & Cacahouèt’ Spot a winning podium where the same character appears on each of the three face-up cards on a different step: 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

1 Bouse 2 Vaches

Estimate the number of COWS or COW PIES your opponents have in their hand. Bluff and be tactical!

Because Potatoes

Win the trick by playing a card who has the same symbol as the precedent one but no points in common with the first card.


Toss your colored dice onto the best dabs of paint found on the playmat to get the most victory points.

Dés Mots Dingues

Helps learners develop French spelling and word formation. Roll the dice and group them together to make words as quickly as possible.

Magnetic Domino

Defy the laws of gravity and place your dominos one on top of another without tipping the pile.

Magnetic Mikado

Classic Pick Up Sticks with twists! Try to pick up 4 metallic sticks using the magnetic stylus and score big points.

Dés Dingues Family

Shake the dice inside your cup, roll the dice onto the table. In record time, collect a maximum of dice with the same number lit up on the face of the electronic die.

Dés Dingues

Roll your dice onto the table. You’ll need to pick up as many dice as possible according to the game play defined in advance by all players.

Discover our board games now!

POS displays

WDK supplies cleverly designed POS displays which are adapted to the size of your store.

Photo écrans Widyka en magasin

Video display screens

Built-in video display screens that attract kids and promote our products at retail.

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In-store animations

We coordinate events and game demonstrations to boost your sales.