Wonderkids toy line

A line of pocket money toys designed to elicit the biggest of smiles.

WDK Groupe Partner has its own line of pocket money toys, under the banner Wonderkids, to liven up your supermarket and hypermarket shelf displays. These toys maximise impulse profit and are great for giving children a treat without breaking the bank.

Photo linéaire 2 éléments WonderKids
Photo jouets WonderKids

A fun selection to entertain kids including action figures, animals, baby toys, bottle bubbles, dolls & soft toys, kids art and craft, vehicles to name but a few.
A range of over 200 products!

Our strengths

Consistent visual design for all our products
New products each year
Visual impact and brand name recall among consumers
A non-generic charter
Engaging displays for toy aisles
Raise perceived value of products

New package design with you and the consumer in mind

Created in 2012, Wonderkids evolves and gets a fun new brand refresh in 2020 ! Our new graphic charter aims at strengthening the perceived value of products and making a marvellous packaging design for store aisles.

Little character illustrations are conceived to reflect the variety and diverseness of our consumers: short, tall, quiet, energetic, old dudes, babies, bald, curly-haired etc.

Our trendy packaging front panel highlights: brand identity, toy or game title, bar code, product features and recommended age minimum.

Our shelf displays are designed by merchandisers

Our teams lay out your shelf display by setting up 1 to 5 elements, depending on the dedicated space, with games and toys appealing to children of all ages.