Toys and games supplier for e-commerce

Are you an online retailer and do you need a range of toys & games adapted to your business?

Present on all distribution channels, WDK also takes the e-commerce route. With more than 10,000 items to choose from, WDK has one of the most extensive toy & game ranges on the market and emerges as one of the leading toy wholesalers and distributors in France.

Our dedicated team, with their specific know-how in online sales, works to accompany e-commerce professionals from A to Z (create product listings, commercialization, back-office support, etc.).

Our sales team meets the requirements of segments of all sizes, from niche Marketplaces to the best-known e-commerce Pureplayers, to general Marketplaces. A designated sales representative ensures a collaborative partnership and tailors services to address your needs.

Our catalogues

Customized services

  • A Single Point of Contact guides and supports you every step of the way, from creating your account to delivering your orders, back-office support included.
  • Constant sourcing to track what is happening and spot the latest trends on the web.
  • Optimization of your product listings
  • Possibility to order single units.
  • Reworking of texts and visuals according to your demands (product listings, SEO, web design resolution…).
  • Personalized sales proposals to match your business.

They put their trust in us

We support the biggest pure players to online specialty shops, to general marketplaces! So why not you?

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