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The Las Thunas game was devised by the Widyka community. In February 2021, the publisher launched a major co-creation competition on its website, open to everyone. Families were invited to design a board game based on the Widyka universe. Las Thunas was voted by fans of the brand to be published.

The quest for treasure

Play the role of a gold digger, recruit your team and send them on an expedition. But beware, your team won’t work for free and will claim their share of the spoils. Who will form the best team of adventurers? The game is 100% made in France and the packaging has been made using eco-responsible sources!


Game content: 54 cards, 1 memo card, game instructions in French.

Observation, speed and strategy

Players each put one hand behind their back, and all together look for the “Adventurer” cards. The winner is not necessarily the fastest prospector, it will be the one who hires the best and cheapest adventurers.

Aim of the game: become the richest after three rounds.


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